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In the middle of the forest, a woman in holding up a mirror, turning the reflective side against the viewer. But the reflection doesn’t show anyone in front of her, instead, we are looking – through the woman – deeper into the forest.  One of the characteristics of human nature is the search for answers to questions about our origin and our soulIn the forest, we feel liberated from our much too industrialised society, we loose the sense for our body’s boundaries and indulge in dreaming of all those things we miss and long forA life with the nature in complete tranquility, a gentle breeze through your hair, a rustle of leaves, a soft whisper of the nature’s soul speaking to you… The complexity and depth of a forest stand for the deepness of the human soul, which is the inspiration for this series. To create this body of work I travelled back to Latvia and Armenia, my motherland, and involved myself in an extensive journey back to my childhood. I see the forest as the eternal soul of mother nature. Its ever-changing beauty goes parallel with my emotions and moods. SoulQuest is a portraiture without the visibility of the model: it looks beyond the body and its shape, picturing the intangible and making the invisible visible.
SoulQuest is purely portraiture of the soul.

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